Years ago, I read an article in a Canadian newspaper about the Missing Neutrinos.

It has something to do with the origin of the universe. Various theories of cosmology suggests that there should be more neutrinos than are actually observed.

To help solve this mystery, neutrino observatories were established. The one this article was written about is the one in Sudbury, Ontario, down in the deepest nickel mine in the world.

Down there, it is theorized, the mass of the earth filters out other elementary particles and their interference, because the high-energy of neutrinos allows them to zip through the earth as if it weren't there.

One of the first visitors to the site was Stephen Hawking; he was impressed.

I was so impressed with the whole idea, I called my short-lived band the Missing Neutrinos. Unfortunately, it has been missing for many years now.

Nor do I keep up enough with cosmology to know if the other missing neutrinos have been found.