GHB is also known as Sodium Oxybate. It primarily comes as either a Sodium or Potassium salt. When in aqueous solution, it tastes very soapy or salty (Sodium Salt). The Potassium Salt has been described as tasting more like licorice.

Average dose seems to be around 2.5 grams (always worked for me, and everyone that I know). It has a steep dosage response curve, and a double dose feels subjectively much more than "twice as powerfull". In fact, a 5 gram dose is quite likely to knock a person out (or at least make them very disoriented and possibly experience extreme nausea).

These dose values are of course from both my experience and from my reading. Individual response will vary somewhat. This also assumes an empty stomach. Food in the stomach can dramatically effect the absorbtion of the drug.

On an empty stomach, effects can be felt within 15-30 mins. With food, it can take 45 mins to an hour.

Mixing GHB with other CNS depressants can be VERY dangerous, and even deadly. Many people have died from mixing GHB with alcohol.

The synthesis of GHB is relativly easy for anyone with a little knowledge. It involves the simple reaction of GBL (which is now a watched chemical in the USA) and Sodium Hydroxide (or Potassium Hydroxide). The reaction is highly exothermic (a year later, there is still an easy to spot burn mark on my kitchen table from the beaker heating up).

GHB apears to have a single action of import. It is metabolized into GABA in the brain. Interestingly, Alcohol also causes GABA to be produced in the brain (probably the source of its euphoria, and why GHB and alcohol have somewhat related feeling highs).

As a side note, the primary effect of melatonin is to stimulate GABA production in the brain. Is it any wonder that GHB overdoses usually result in unrousable sleep. (usually harmless and ends within 5-6 hours, ocassionally deadly much the same way alcohol induced comas are).

A medical case study of a GHB overdose that was admitted to the emergency room tells of the person suddenly awakening an hour or two later, refusing further treatment, and walking out of the ER.

I experiemented with GHB+Melatonin about a year ago. The combonation did seem to increase the potency of the GHB. Whether this was psychosomatic or not is impossible to say at this time. I would like to get some people together and do a double blind study on it.

GHB Physical Properties (taken from the GHB Synthesis FAQ by Rhodium):

mol wt: 126.09 
mp: 142øC 
Synomyms: Gamma-OH, sodium oxybate, sodium gamma-oxybutyrate, Somatomax PM, Wy-3478,
NSC-84223, Somsanit, Anetamine.