Reboot a television program widely regarded as the first completly computer animated television show, was first jointly shown on ABC and YTV (which also executive produces), and ran from Sep. 1994 through two seasons at which point it took an extended hiatus when dropped by ABC in 1995. The show was still continually aired on and off in Canada on YTV and became highly sucessful and even spawned a virtual ride.

Eventually the third season was created and shown in 1999 on YTV and was later picked up by the Cartoon Network in America. After a dramatic third season which saw the show's ratings soar as it became less episodic in nature and developed a grand greater story arc, replete with dark overtones, the show again took a haitus. However this time the show was only in limbo for one year before season four was released in 2001 as 7 seperate episodes in America, and two full length movies ("Daemon Rising", "My Two Bobs")in Canada. The last movie / episode leaves loose strings and new episode are expected though their release dates are in question.