The worst show on television, period.

No no…don’t start…I know what your thinking. Your thinking there is a far worse show that you’ve seen many times, and it blows this “Dark Justice” shit out of the water.

Well, you very, very wrong.

Dark Justice is a poorly computer-animated show on playboy TV. It features soft-core computer-animated sex, soft-core computer-animated breasts, and absolutely never features a soft-core computer animated DICK.

Why, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you. Because it sucks, and it tries to be more legitimate than your average porn. In other words, all the soft-core computer-animated sex pathetically fits in to a lame plot.

How lame is this plot, you ask?

Well, its about poorly-computer animated beautiful people who form a vigilante police force in a post-apocalyptic world; fighting poorly-computer animated bad guys.

Yeah, I know…

Ok…remember that old show reboot? Remember? It was computer-animated, about a little world of people that lived inside a computer. There were those big purple game boxes and stuff, remember?

Well that’s what Dark Justice looks like. Infact, it actually looks about half that, on account of the fact that Dark Justice has the lighting of your average porn movie.

I mean, come on. I get home, it's late. I was out all night partying, I can barley walk. I wanna lay on my couch and watch porn, then go to bed.


No, no…im not making any of this up. The website can be found at

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