(excerpts from the day planner of the newly separated)

  • transfer tax info to signed form
  • deposit & write ck amnt for IRS to send w/2001
  • 5:30 app't with Ken
  • Chap 3/Cust Serv Test (prepare for essay)
  • Daddy, please don't leave. Can we be a family? Can we work it out?
    I don't want Mommy to have to change her life

  • Teamwork/O.M. Test Mon
  • noon: HOPS
  • Christmas ribbon/cough drops/ sticky tabs
  • Sat 6:00 Family Portrait
  • Type up Inventory
  • baby, you need to come home
  • Linda/career services Monday 9:00
  • 3:00 Fri oil change
  • pysch test tomorrow chap 3
  • Don't mess with my man, here's a little advice for you. Go find your own man
  • mail letter from Mobil to Cavalry stating when paid off to clean up credit report
  • Call G, question his FA, fishy
  • gather forms for G to sign over title to car
  • same knot in diaphragm that hits thud at exit 5 95N in NH. breathing contrained, heart rate up, palms sweating, muscles shaking. I can not will it to stop. fight or flight. mostly I want to flee. mostly I want to vomit. You make me feel so bad. Why do you have to continually rub the replacement in my face? You said, " I can replace you just like that!" The least you could have done was pick someone smart & attractive.
  • 5:15 Thurs app't with attny
  • Now it's the end of our love story
  • reshuffle budget, find $150 to pay this month's school bill

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