There's just something about a show that can feature The President of the United States (as played by Martin Sheen) throwing himself on the altar of the National Cathedral cursing God in Latin (he told Christ to "go to the cross", about the equivalent of "Screw you!" or "Go to Hell!")...and then top it off by having the cast assemble to Brothers in Arms as sung by Mark Knopfler (a song that should be classified as a munition of psychological warfare, at the very least, and its use restricted by the Geneva Convention for its capabilites for emotional devastation) ...

Robert Anton Wilson himself couldn't have come up with this one....

Martin Sheen has publically stated he's made an act of contrition for the cursing bit...He recorded some PSA's specifically for the occasion....Nice to know he's not going to burn...

For the record, here's the monologue:


Gratias tibi ago, Domine.
In other words, Thanks a lot, God.
(long pause)

Haec credam a deo pio, a deo justo, a deo scito?

Cruciatus in crucem.
Go to the cross, Christ!

Cruciatus in crucem --

(with a dismissive wave of the hand)

eas in crucem!