She came to see me last night. She actually came out to my apartment to see me. It was fucking incredible. I never really thought she liked me or cared enough to actually come visit me on one of the biggest party events of the year, but sure enough, she called me first. My cell phone rang from the inside pocket of my leather jacket. I pulled it out, and her name appeared on the display. My friends all looked at me and smiled, urging me to answer. I did.


"Hey, happy new year."

"You too. It's good to hear from you."

"Yea. Aren't you gonna come see me?"


"I'm here. I'm in the apartment below you."

"Are you serious?"

"Yep. Come over and get me."

Sometimes you get that feeling where your heart leaps directly up from its little cavity in your chest, and just smacks directly into your brain, traveling at the speed of your nervous system. I almost fell over from it this time. She was here! Of all the surprises I could think of, not once did I think of actually getting to look into her eyes on this evening. But I did.

We had no time alone together. Everyone else was there; there was no way we were going to lose them, either. So instead, a group of us stood outside our neighbor's door and chatted. She was wearing a cute little pink shirt, and worn blue jeans. Her face was placid, but excited to be with us, maybe even excited to see me. Regardless of her expressions, her beauty was alight under a cold winter sky; it lit up the patio, and was a beacon to my hazy eyes. She shivered from the cold, and made eye contact with me. For a split second, I began to realize how metaphorical it was for me to give her my leather coat to wear, to warm her beautiful body. So I did.

Every last ounce of me wanted to go home with her last night. Not for sex, not for anything physical, other than maybe one of those perfect goodnight kisses, the kind that remind you of why you have lips in the first place: to prevent your heart from jumping out of your mouth. I just wanted to be with her, to see her, talk to her about life and what we have coming this year. I wanted to say that a relationship is coming for us, but it would be foolish to say that. From the impressions we leave on each other, I think I may be right. Regardless, I realized that it was nearly 4 AM, and knew in my head that I should go home, away from her, empty-handed and full of what could have been. And I did.

It almost sounds like a depressing new year's eve. But it wasn't at all. I felt things, I drank things, but best of all, I saw her. She has no idea, but she started my year off at a furious pace, and she better be sure she wants me around, because once this girl agrees to be with me, I will not let go. So I won't.

Here's to my friends, family, and Char. Also, here's to all of you who took time to read about my little evening. Happy New Year, and thanks for your eyes. E2 rules :)