Another fantastic song by the criminally overlooked punk band Carter U.S.M., of particular interest to me because it begins and ends with what sounds alot like a ZX Spectrum saving something to tape.

Now, being something of a geek, I decided that it would be fun to write something that would take a spirited bash at trying to decode whatever data their might be hidden within that oh-so-familiar screech. I did a wee tiny bit of research, looked at the waveform, wrote the code (not too hard as it turned out), and with some trepadation, ran it on the file.

What did I find?

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Just rubbish. No images, no text, just random stuff. Which is a real shame because I'd kind of always thought that there must be something in there because it sounded so much like data. I suppose I expected more from my favourate band when I was growing up (they were the first band I ever saw live too, blew me away. Loudest thing I had ever heard). I guess they just weren't geeks

Oh well. Back to real life. If you're interested, you can probably download the song from Napster, and check the sound out for yourself.