You know, I'm surprised no one has noded this yet.

One variation of craps is 7-11, which is what people usually play when they play craps at home (or in school/alleyways/etc).

The differences between 7-11 and regular casino craps are:

  • On the come out roll, the shooter only craps out on two or three.
  • On any subsequent roll, the shooter craps out on seven or eleven.
  • Typically, there is no "house", and all bets are essentially side bets. So if you want a hard eight, you get someone to pick up your hard eight bet. If you're the shooter, you find someone to take your pass line bet. That sort of thing.
  • Pass/don't pass bets are typically even money, and there is no backing them up. All other bets retain their odds (otherwise, why ever bet on something like a hard way?).

One way to make money at this is to play with your drunk friends, and try to pick up the don't pass bet as much as you can from people who want the pass line (since the bet is even money, but the odds favor don't pass). This is easier than you think. If you're playing this, you're probably drinking. And if everyone's drinking, a lot of people will want to take the pass line.