No noding for me for the next few days!

I'm off to Anime Weekend Atlanta (a.k.a. AWA)--leaving today, be there tonight, hang out there for all three days of anime goodness™, and then hightail it back to good ol' Gainesville for six more days of glorious vacation. Ahh, it feels good to be temporarily relieved of work . . . By the way, if you're going, look for the short chick dressed as Sae from Maho Tsukai Tai (uhm, insane orange hair made out of sponges, odd witch-like costume, carrying a broom with a damn teddy bear on it)--that's me, swankivy!

Yesterday I did an early Mabon ritual and all my food (especially the luminous crescents and baked apples) was SOOOO good. I am impressed with my culinary skills now. I rule! Ha. I also found out that I am apparently violently allergic to cinnamon oil. I tried to use it as my anointing oil after my purifying bath, and it burned my skin. I looked it up in my magickal herbs encyclopedia, but there were no health warnings about it like there always are with herbs that should be diluted or should not be consumed. So, who knows . . . in any case I'll not be spreading cinnamon oil on my tender parts again.

I'm gonna miss E2 while I'm gone, and I don't think I'll be able to get to a computer to use my votes and see what y'all are up to, which is a shame, but I think I'll live. After all, I lived without E2 (gasp) for most of my life, right? Here's to increased noding when I return, assuming terrorists don't decide Atlanta is the next target . . .