It is interesting to note the significance of the number 13 in Hebrew Gematria (Hebrew numerology.) I am no expert on the subject, but I have found that the word Ahava (love in Hebrew) has the value of 13 (1+5+6+5), and also the word Ehad (one in Hebrew) has the value of 13 (1+8+4) as well. Those are two very good words.

Here is the more interesting part: the holy unpronounceable name of the Jewish god, YHWH (don't say it out loud!) has the value of 26 (10+5+6+5), which perhaps can be taken to mean "One Love".

As a side note, I used to live for four years in Tel Aviv on 13 Ben-Atar street (in the Florentine neighbourhood) and actually had very good luck.