An early style of fencing that involves the use of a long bladed weapon in your main hand, and a short weapon (typically a main gauche) in your off hand.

Flor"en*tine [L. Florentinus, fr. Florentia Florence: cf. F. florentin.]

Belonging or relating to Florence, in Italy.

Florentine mosaic, a mosaic of hard or semiprecious stones, often so chosen and arranged that their natural colors represent leaves, flowers, and the like, inlaid in a background, usually of black or white marble.


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Flor"en*tine, n.


A native or inhabitant of Florence, a city in Italy.


A kind of silk.



A kind of pudding or tart; a kind of meat pie.


Stealing custards, tarts, and florentines. Beau. & Fl.


© Webster 1913.

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