American cartoonist and creator of Hate and Neat Stuff, both published by Fantagraphics.
Stories are mainly about ordinary people and their exagerrated reactions to everyday life.
If someone is angry in a Peter Bagge strip you can almost hear them screaming.
His most famous character is probably Buddy Bradley who featured in both Hate and Neat Stuff.
Other strips included Girly Girl, Junior and Studs Kirby.
His style is very animated and aggressive but fun too and he has recently started to produce strips for the internet.
Also compilaed rather fine collection of top pop tunes called Peter Bagge's Rockin' Poppin' favourites! which contained a variety of pop songs from the 60s to the 90s.
Quite diverse featuring Beach Boys, BowWowWow, Spice Girls, Todd Rundgren and New Edition.