My last daylog (February 7, 2002) appeared when I had 4 writeups to go before I reached level 4. It was an introspection of myself and noding - or was it just a node for numbers?

Now, on the brink of level 5, I bring you my next daylog; where am I today?

This morning I surpassed 5000XP and have one writeup (this one) to level 5. Am I proud of myself? You had better bloody believe it! Why? Well... I think I have truly earned the title of Monk, which will shortly be bestowed upon me by the E2 system.

During my time as a Scribe, I have been writing and writing. Noding everything I can, I have devised a system to help me never be short of inspiration - I use the bookmarks on my homenode purely as a todo list.

I think I have learned to write well, and I find that writeups can be rattled off at a fair rate if it's a subject I'm interested in - whether I know anything about it without research, or not. To think I did badly in English at school; I think now that the problem was that good factual writeups were never asked of me.

The line at the top of my last daylog was:

E2 is difficult

I still agree with this sentiment, but now it is for different reasons. My original comment was that writing and getting inspiration is difficult. That's no longer true - certain subjects are still completely missing from the database. You may have to search around to find them - I tend to avoid geek subjects - but they're certainly there.

My new reason for the difficulty is reading. I have begun to perform node audits, and really reading what's written here is time consuming and tiring. Very, very enjoyable - obviously - but it takes a lot of concentration to take everything in.

With audits and other issues, I find I am now interacting with other users much more. That is also difficult. Many people have their own ideas of what E2 is for. Even the editors don't seem to be singing from exactly the same hymn sheet. I guess bones is the only person who really knows. It is for this reason that I'm going to enjoy being a monk.

My mission from today is to continue noding as and when, but to read, help, contemplate and make myself a thorough understanding of the beast that is E2. Whatever anyone thinks about it, it is something - maybe all of our perceptions are wrong, but by sampling enough of it, and feeling one's way through it, I think it can certainly make an interesting project, even if an answer is never found.

I thought about writing a thank-you list to all the noders, editors, gods who have helped me along the way, but the list would have been far too long, so I'm afraid I'm going to pick out one name. This guy has helped me right from the start. I notice his official mentee list has two members, and one more possible - but I think he's a mentor to us all. My nomination for extra-helpful and most excellent dude of the year goes to:


Thanks mate.