Random Thoughts

Last night I had a random thought. You know whenever a person asks you who was all at a party or something and you say yourself first. Like they don’t know that you were there. I have noticed that everyone i know always does that. Last night I spoke to one of my friends and she asked me who was all somewhere and I started off by saying, “well me…” that is so stupid but you say it without even knowing it. Like she didn't know I was there. Like I had to point out that i was there also even though she knows I was.

I also had another random thought last night. Does anyone ever notice that when someone calls your phone and you don’t know the number you ask someone else if they know the number and they don’t know it either but they say, “... but that sounds familiar.” You could make up a number off the top of your head and someone would still say that it sounds familiar. Weird huh?

Also, whenever you are telling someone about a phone conversation you always hold your hand up to your ear like you are talking on the phone. Am I the only retard that does this without realizing it?

It's getting colder outside and I couldn't be more excited. I love wearing sweaters, but not wool sweaters. They itch the hell out of me. This made we wonder: Does wool itch sheep? Maybe they are happy whenever they get sheared and they are like, "Get this shit off of me!" You never know!

I think that is all for the random thoughts for the day.