Richard Rhodes is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of 15 books including, The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Sons of Earth, and Deadly Feasts (an investigation into Mad Cow Disease). He lives in Rural Connecticut.

I'm a friend of Dick's and I can tell you he no longer lives in Connecticut, but in the Bay Area of California. I can also tell you he's a wonderfully agile, and open-minded thinker, not to mention a very generous man both professionally and personally.

His recent book, Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust, about the hand-picked task forces who brutally murdered 1.5 million human beings by hand in a prelude to more mechanized death camps at Auschwitz, etc., is so well-written as to be almost unbearable to read. But a must-read it is.

Rhodes rejects the negative formation non-fiction as an appropriate description of his oeuvre. Instead, he calls himself a veritist, and considers what he does an art beyond mere journalism.

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