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First aired in April 2003 and a current resident of the SpikeTV television network, "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" (also known as MXC) is the ultimate reality game show. It consists of half-hour episodes from a Japanese game show, "Takeshi's Castle", which have been dubbed over by various voice actors for hilarious results.

The game show itself involves dozens of contestants being put through several painful litigation-worthy events, which have been renamed for maximum puerile humor value. These events include:

  • Athlete's Feet: All contestants participate in this. They must run to a pile of shoes, find a pair that they can wear in some way or another, and race one another across a giant, heated metal sheet.
  • Ball Busters: Contestants in large baseball suits try to avoid being hit by flung baseball bats.
  • Bird Droppings: Dressed as an eagle, a contestant grabs a "rabbit" and drops it in the bird's nest.
  • Blind Sided Date: Captain Tenneal tosses a football (American) to a female contestant, who must then cross the field while avoiding the linebackers.
  • Boulder Dash: One by one, contestants must make their way up an uphill channel while large boulders roll down towards them. Alcoves in the sides of the channels are there for protection, but some house the MXC Teamsters, who will try to push you out if you're not careful.
  • Brass Balls: A contestant catches a golden ball on a rickety plank bridge and makes his or her way across it without being knocked into the muddy pond by the other balls being shot at him or her.
  • Buck Off: While riding a mechanical bull, a contestant mush shoot down a pink bat.
  • Clear Sphere of Fear: A contestant is put inside a clear ball and rolled down table reminiscent of The Price is Right’s "Plinko" game. Victory depends on not rolling into a skull.
  • Dash to Death: One by one, contestants must run across a treacherous obstacle course above muddy water. The Grinder, the Angry Dragon, and the Nards of Doom await those who try.
  • Dirty Balls: One by one, contestants attempt to catch a ball, which is shot straight up into the air with extreme force, on its way down while wading through deep mud.
  • Door Slammers: All contestants participate in this. This involves four rows of four doors, of which only one in each row is a real door, and the contestants must locate the real doors and race to the finish line.
  • Dope on a Rope: A contestant swings over muddy water from one platform to another.
  • Eat Shiitake!: A contestant holds onto a giant, spinning fiberglass mushroom and tries to drop onto a platform in the middle of a pool of muddy water.
  • Elimination Idol: Each contestant sings a song for judges and is thrown out with extreme prejudice if deemed not good enough.
  • Foul Balls: A batter hits a ball out to contestants, dressed in giant baseball suits, who must catch it to stay in.
  • Get Hard: Contestants must crawl through a pool of cement and capture a flag.
  • Get Over It: All contestants participate in this: they must simply climb over a tall wall.
  • Irritable Bowl Syndrome: Pairs of contestants hop into a giant bowl and head down a water slide while avoiding premature evacuation.
  • Jerk and Release: A contestant held in a harness pulls a release rope, bungees into muddy water to pick up a ball, and tosses it into a basket. Dr. Bill waits to "console" those who don't make it.
  • Le Tour de Grand Prix: Contestants race one another on tricycles over a challenging obstacle course.
  • Little Man in the Boat: One at a time, contestants slide across rolling logs on a small boat and must reach a specified point on them without falling into the water.
  • Log Drop: A contestant runs across a serious of giant rolling logs over a pond full of muddy water.
  • Mud Butler: A contestant must hit a ball with a mallet, run down some stairs, and then catch the ball before it lands.
  • Nutbaggers: A contestant runs up a hill, wearing a foam rubber sack, while giant paper maché acorns roll down the hill and into him or her.
  • Pole Riders: A contestant pole vaults onto a floating platform in a muddy pond.
  • Rotating Surfboard of Death: A contestant climbs onto a surfboard held on a beam that pivots around a central pillar and jumps over obstacles arranged along the surfboard's path without falling off into muddy water.
  • Runaway Stump: A contestant must stay on a log placed on a sloping track and reach the final platform without falling into mud.
  • Sack Lunch: All contestants participate in this. Each contestant's hands are bound and he or she must use his or her teeth to grab one of many food items hanging in a plastic bag on a string, then race to the finish line.
  • Saddle Sores: Five contestants wearing rolling horse suits and roller skates must race over three low fences and to the finish line.
  • Shaft Grabbers: Teams of contestants must try to pull down a pole guarded by the official MXC teamsters and grab the flag on top while guarding their own flag.
  • Sinkers and Floaters: One by one, contestants cross a stretch of muddy water by jumping from stepping-stone to stepping-stone--only some of those stones are, in fact, painted styrofoam. Amazingly enough, some contestants are light enough that they can bounce onto a "floater" and make their way to the other side unscathed.
  • Slippery Slope of Slanted Death: All contestants participate in this. They must race up and down a steep, slippery hill. This is often used as a first event to weed out most of the contestants.
  • Wall of Hidden Blistering Death: Contestants must climb up a heated wall and slide down the other side.
  • Teetering Temple of Crippling Doom: One by one, contestants must run over grey mattress-like dominoes placed on end without toppling them over.
  • Tight Ends: Similar to "Blind Sided Date”, but involving contestants of either sex.
  • Turtle Gut Check: One by one, contestants must run across (non-muddy!) water by using floating turtles as stepping-stones and avoiding the pirates who will try to push them in.
  • Wall Bangers: Similar to Door Slammers, except each contestant plays alone.
  • Wall Buggers: One by one, contestants wearing Velcro suits swing from a rope and attempt to stick to a Velcro wall. Window Pains is similar to this, except above the Velcro section of the wall is a window in which the contestant's partner is cheering him/her on.
  • Yank My Dinghy: One by one, contestants on a small dinghy pulled by a motorboat forge through such obstacles as the "Pontoons of Doom" and "Satan's Ramp".

Characters involved include hosts Kenny Blankenship (voiced by Christopher Darga) and Vic Romano (Victor Wilson), event co-ordinator Captain Tenneal (John Cervenka), and field reporter Guy LeDouche (John Cervenka). There are no regular female characters, but voice actor Mary Scheer provides dubbing for every female contestant involved.

Where Takeshi's Castle finishes when one contestent toughs it out to the very end to battle Takeshi himself, after which he or she is proclaimed a winner, MXC simply ends after four or so events with a summarizing pep talk between Vic and Kenny, followed by Kenny's "Painful Eliminations of the Day", a segment involving replays of particularly nasty spills that contestants took over the course of the day's events. And, as always, at the end of the day the show concludes with the admonition:

Don't get eliminated!

Nose nuggets.

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