Tuesday – August 12, 2003

I am tired, cranky, and cross. (In other words, everything is normal for a weekday morning. I am not a morning person.) I had to deal with RCSD (Richmond County Sheriff’s Department) this morning. I saw a woman drinking a Coors (a crappy beer that tastes like cat piss) and driving erratically. Weighting my options (pulling the hit the back corner panel to cause a spin out trick you see on TV, blowing out the tires with my .45 cal, getting out of the car and asking what the hell the lady was thinking), I decided to pass her and call RCSD (which we pronounce as rik-sed). I immediately blurt to the dispatcher about DUI, the license plate number, the description of the car, and a description of the driver. I even through in a description of the beer can to be sure I did not miss anything. And the dispatcher puts me on hold!!! So, three minutes later, while I am counting to ten, the dispatcher asks me why I didn’t follow the DUI. Explaining, using the simplest words possible, that I was more concerned for my safety and that since the road does not have any exits until it dumps out onto 15th street, I figured that the lady would not pull off into the canal. The dispatcher asked me how I could be sure of that! I pointed out that the lady would be a self-correcting problem at that point.

To make a long story short (too late), I was asked to wait for a deputy. So, while waiting, I watch the drunk lady drive by, clip a mailbox. Not one of those small ones, but one of the big postal service drop-off boxes. She just drives off. The cop, a nice lady, comes up and I politely point out the trail of mayhem. (RCSD have a .40 cal G-22 Glock side-arm, a semi-automatic shotgun, and a M-16 rifle all in their cars. I am polite to people carrying that much firepower.) The nice deputy follows the clear path to the perpetrator and I go to work.

Spurs has an interview today with a nursing home to get a job as an activity directory. I hope she gets the job. She is so happy when she is working

I bid you peace, stormcrow309