A music/video project of Vicki Bennet, based in the UK. People Like Us has been doing sample-based work since around 1991 and released many CDs of music on the Staalplaat, Soleilmoon, Hot Air, and Audioview labels amongst others.

Noisy, silly and fun, PLU chops up ridiculous cheese and ephemera from British culture and beyond and turns it into a surreal sound collage odyssey. Probably the most well-known PLU CD is "People Like Us Hate People Like You". This was followed by "People Like Us Hate People Like Us", a remix compilation featuring a variety of artists remixing Vicki's work, including Coil, Boyd Rice, Stock, Hausen, and Walkman, Negativland, Farmer's Manual, Dummy Run, and many more luminaries. Most recently PLU has released "A Fist Full of Knuckles", a collection of plundered campfire and western music.