A UK-based music group consisiting of Andrew Sharpley (of Stock, Hausen, and Walkman) and Nic Birmingham. Dummy Run create music using sampling and are similiar in style to SH&W, though perhaps slightly more beat-based. They have released 2 CDs so far, "Pink Rocket" and "Ice Cream Headache", both on the Hot Air label.

Two of my favorite tracks by Dummy Run are "fd" and "Jolly Holiday"., both from the Pink Rocket disc. "fd" stands for "funky drummer", probably the most sampled bit of music on a song by the most sampled artist, James Brown. The Dummy Run piece features chopped up snatches of Funky Drummer, along with clips of a rather one-sided radio news report about the evils of sampling. The tracks concludes with the announcer explaining that "the musicians who made the new song, are making loads of money... while the musicians who played on the original track... are starving in New York."

"Jolly Holiday" is more whimsical, and silly musically, though still a dark work, featuring a stern male voice scolding "Mummy and Daddy have told you a vicious lie".

Loads of fun, Dummy Run. ;-)

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