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To fill in some holes left by the otaku.
appropriation, cultural studies, sound design, video art, perl
International Institute of Jaded Hipsters, Gracie's Bird Cage, Detritus
"Making it okay is the CopyMaker way."
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June 26, 2003
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Born in Iowa, late sixties. Electrical Engineering at U of Michigan. Ann Arbor. Punk Bands. Student Radio. Electronic music.
taught environmental education in South Carolina.

Graduate School in Music and New Media at California Institue of the Arts.

San Francisco. Art world, experimental music world, web industry.

Portland, OR. videography. bikes. Gracie's.

founder of personal page at also see see also for my field recordings.

I reached level 3 pretty fast, but now i don't come here quite as often. but, i'm still noding every once in a while, and they're good.

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