1. Noun. A kind of team frisbee game invented as a reduced version of ultimate frisbee for a smaller number of players (perhaps 4 - 10). Similar to half-court basketball, in that the playing field is composed of a single goal and a clear line located at opposite sides of the field. A team must clear the frisbee and then make a reception inside the box-shaped goal at the other end. To score a point, the disc needs to be caught across the clear line once again. A player cannot run while in possession of the disc, he must stand in one spot and pass it to one of his mobile teammates. A dropped disc gets turned over to the other team.

2. Verb. A method of smoking marijuana where the smokers locate themselves in an enclosed, non-ventilated space, such as a car, closet, or small room. The intent is to contain the exhaled smoke so that it may be re-inhaled. Theoretically, this should be more efficient and get one higher.