No, it's not engaging in fisticuffs with toasty mitts.

Hot-boxing is, instead, the practice of occupying an enclosed space, singly or in a comfortably sized group, and therein smoking marijuana so as to maximize the impact through an enhanced degree of inhalation and re-inhalation of both first and second hand smoke. Spaces documented to provide the appropriate recirculation effect include: an automobile, a small room, (most effectively a walk-in closet or pantry type space), an elevator, an old-timey telephone booth, or a stopped revolving door. Some not-so-good choices include refrigerators (you could, like, die in a genuinely airtight space), a coffin (you could already be dead), and Wayne Manor (not enclosed enough; also home of Batman, who frowns on recreational marijuana usage, though he secretly thinks pot ought to be legalised so the cops can go after the harder stuff).

Hot-boxing is referenced in Questionable Content strip #749, when the cops who gather up the Vespa Avenger, captured by Dora, Faye, and Marten (sort of), inform the arrested suspect that they will be doing so on the ride back to the precinct.

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