Various Adventures in a Legalized America

  • Sitting in two rows on the floor at Safeway, passing a pipe among friends and employees. I love to be generous and it feels good to share your stash. I'm facing my friend August, and he's smiling as big as ever.

  • With August, I travel to an old, beat skate shop. We make a perfectly legal purchase of marijuana then climb the stairs to the smoking balcony. It's like a small patio up among the rooftops. Passing the pipe back and forth we get quietly stoned, angel-headed and law-abiding.

  • Some crazy speed addicts move in next door. They proceed to throw tons of trash into my backyard and even set the grass on fire. They invade; climbing over the fence and trying to get in the back door. I lock them out but they break in through the front. The cops finally arrive and take 'em away.
Moral of the story: De-criminalize drugs, avoid speed freaks.