My head rests lightly on the pillow I've used for years now, it would seem, and I smile at the leaf that falls naturally, rightfully, upon my head. I close my eyes and snuggle up beneath the covers.. slip ever so slowly, cautiously, into dreamland, almost hesitantly, being that the day had held so much beauty I scarcely believed my dreams could be nearly so blissful. Reluctantly, I let myself slip, but just before the world of sleep takes me in I'm startled by a little swish, almost scraping noise which is infinitely strange and almost frightening. I sit up, abandoning dreamland, turning the light on and glancing around with a look of pure concern. Puzzled, I keep peering around wondering what on earth could be in my peaceful little bedroom causing this intriguing noise.

I almost give up when I hear it again and this time there is an image attached to the sound. It's the leaves, chutes, stems of my prayer plant, my maranta, folding upwards in what must be one of the neatest displays I've seen to this day. I wasn't aware that they folded up so, and thus it was a neat little discovery for me.. this might not seem like anything special to the average person, but..

I'm passionate about my plant life.

Ma*ran"ta (?), n. [NL.] Bot.

A genus of endogenous plants found in tropical America, and some species also in India. They have tuberous roots containing a large amount of starch, and from one species (Maranta arundinacea) arrowroot is obtained. Many kinds are cultivated for ornament.


© Webster 1913.

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