Taylor Creek Camp

  • It is the near future on my friend August's property deep in the forest of Siskiyou County. It's been turned into a kind of summer camp and I am the first to arrive along with August and Allen. I'm impressed by how nice our cabin is; it's just like a small house. The only strange thing is an open shower in one of the bedrooms. Allen showers first; then I get in after him. I've just begun when a small crowd of people arrive and come into the bedroom. I'm never embarassed of being naked in dreams, but I am annoyed at not being able to shower.

    These are people I went to high school with who I was never friends with and haven't seen since. They hang out for a while, smoking pot and fooling around. I try to be nice to one girl who is very depressed. I remember her name as being Shelly but I learn that it's actually Jennifer. Another friend of mine arrives and she takes my place counseling the girl. I need some air so I leave the building.

    Everyone has arrived. There are a lot of people walking up and down the main dirt road; it's like a small town. I hear someone mention that a really nice and expensive guitar is for sale. I come upon where my friend Matt Watson is staying, camped inside a fenced-in area. He introduces me to his older brother who looks exactly like Matt but is an asshole. He has two asshole friends who won't tell me their names and insist I call them both Cool. What losers, I think.

    I decide to fly above the property and check out the view. High in sky I look down and see the whole area, crowds walking in the road, kids running. I glide over near my cabin and see a blonde girl reading a book under a tree. I decide to go back to my room and swoop down to my cabin. Dream ends.