Time Fragments

  • Running around my junior high school, feeling out of place. I decide to time travel further into the past by driving recklessly down Brush Creek road with my eyes closed. I end up going into the future and arrive at my girlfriend's house for a party. I'm near her garage with my friend Jill, looking at photographs. After a while I go up the stairs to meet Genery in her living room. She's been wondering where I've been.

  • Driving to high school in my car, I stop off at a nearby ATM. I have some trouble with it and it initially only gives me some of the money I requested. When I pull out my receipt, the rest of the cash follows it close behind in crumpled up bills. I rush over to school and it seems like there are no buildings, just parking lot. I have a hard time figuring out which spots are closed off for classes (like wood shop and choir) and which are for parking. I decide to just park anyway and run over to my choir teacher, Dan Earl, already starting the class.