Ever see rush hour on a busy street? You have the steady moving throng of people: one stream forth and one stream back, and then on the edges and in the little openings of spaces, there are people who scurry forward and dart sideways, bobduckweave. For lack of better terminology, I have come to describe this method of navigation as 'efficient motion'.

Efficient motion includes minimalism: Whenever possible, leave bags and such at home, placing only the basic necessary items such as a $20 bill, keys, a metrocard, and i.d. in pockets. (ID, however pointless, is good for worst-case scenarios). Slimming down streamlines and aids in moving efficiently.

Another part of efficient motion is riding escalators on the right, so people can pass on the left. It includes not leaning on the train doors blocking half the exit. It involves having your metrocard easily accessible, out and ready to swipe as you approach the turnstile. Organizing your things so you don't need to make two trips accross the room. And if you decide to stroll down the street instead of walking, it involves an awareness and consideration in keeping to a slower moving side of the pavement. Efficient motion is less of a practiced method then a total mannerism.