I still have one question,
When I think of you
And I should let it go,
But I puzzle it out,
Like a tangle of string
that I need to unravel
Or that old toy engine
that we tried to fix;
And I need to know how it happened.

So. When did I lose you?
Was it anywhere near the family tree?
See, I'm trying to pinpoint
Just when our cord snapped
And I huddle over it,
Like a secret code
that I need to decrypt
before I can move, and get on
with this life.

Well, still: Can't you tell me?
Was it before
or after that party.
Yep, that would help me work this out
'Cause I still have this question
when I think of you
And I know:
I should really let it go.

But it's not only me who will hurt this time
So I'm trying to muddle my way through the scenes
And I'm still not sure
If you know what I mean
When I wonder aloud
How it came that I lost you.

Was I inside or out
of your heart when I pulled too hard
And lost what we had?

See, now there is this other boy,
And all he loves is me and Freedom.
I think of you,
and let him go.