Interwoven pithy deep so deep it curves right around to shallow.

If it’s flat, it is bottomless.

Speak to me, then, just like last time, just like the first time. This is the first time.

It is always

The first time. It is always the last time.

How, then, will I remember this, will you remember this, one of us will, yes? Hold me close,

And let me fall away. Speak to me like you will speak

Now. This is all we need.

Speak. This is all you need. Listen. This is all I need.

I will hold you close, and I will hold you close, and I will hold you close.

You will float away. Bring me back a cloud, that we may rest, bring me back a sparrow that we may have music, bring me back a star that we may have light and darkness, bring me back the darkness of the high sky.

Speak, then, like you did the first time. Speak, then, like you will the last time. What matter the spreading fire of the morning,

Or the burning day

Or the freezing night,

If you speak, then. Float away, and float away, and float away, and bring back nothing.

Let it all go.

I will let you go, and you will come back, and you will let me go, and I will bring back the shine of the snow of the high mountain, and you will kiss it, and you will glow. And when all other lights go out, we will have that light.

Only speak, then, and shine, and come, here. Rest a while. It has been a long day of floating away. It has been a long day of falling into the depths, a long day of interweaving. Here, you, I, will be the night.

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