The first time I kissed Jason, we were parked on a deserted midnight street. The first time I felt him up was in a dark boring theater. The first time I undressed him was in my house, on a weeknight, with my parents out of town. This series of firsts took less than 24 hours.

Here is the thing: Jason was convinced it was him corrupting me. I know you are not this way, he said. I know it is my fault that you are breaking all these rules, he said.

Here is the thing: What an arrogant asshole. As though his sheer masculinity overwhelmed me. As though his raw power overrode any sense of control I had. Ha.

He did not know it could have been David. He did not know it could have been Adam. He did not realize (how could he not have realized?) that it was me leading him through the steps. He did not realize it was my own rebellion taking us from one broken rule to the next.

Hello, I should have told him. Hello, I will be your young sinner. Hi. Do not worry about corrupting me, dumbass, I already have that under control.