did you find stars and song, or silver?

can you count each time your eyelids slide down, and then up again or, is it lost to you? would you, if you could?

do lines appear as circles, or people, do you see the sticks?

i wish sometimes that i could just pull you into my head and feed you the thoughts that float around in there, so you would know or, not know, as i rarely do, what on earth i might be thinking at any given moment.

if i handed you words would you know
what to do with them or, would you run?

sliced tongue. bleeding words.


that is what i wanted you to say. 
             thank you.
did you know i slipped again? i haven't felt like myself but i have not felt like anyone else, either. i have felt, wind rain cold warm soft hard dying living breath, yours, i loved it.

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