Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You don't sound okay.
I know.
I'm not really okay, in fact I'm feeling damn close to crying. The thing is, I don't know why, and I know all too well, and there's no reason to cry, only more reasons than I can count. It's nothing new, but the weight of the situation just hit me again, and I wanted to talk to someone, I wanted to hear a voice, so I called you.
I'll be fine.
Are you sure?
No, I'm not sure, I don't know anything anymore, that's why I called you. I thought you'd have an answer to the unspoken questions, I thought you might be able to hear the tears hovering at the edge of my voice, thought you might be able to stem the sudden flow of panic trembling in my hands.
So, I'll speak to you?
See you.
See you.