Same day, different park. Same park different day. Same day same park different day different park all in one breath all in one long seamless stream of public places with all the same rules as you would imagine:

This is equal parts boredom restlessness enjoyment driving me crazy. It is surplus of things to do and too many options time places and possibilities and the wonder of it (the damn crying shame of it) is you can do it as well alone.

Today the park is full of beautiful people. What I really want to do is follow them all home and see if they are beautiful there, or if it is just this dumb park conspiring with the sunshine to confuse me. I keep saying it is a cold that has me sniffling but if it is a cold it should not have lasted in this warmth and I should not still be sniffling.

Today the park is full of couples, and they are all laughing. What I really want to do is follow them around with a tape and a microphone and record all their smiles. To find out if they are in love with each other, or the city; and whether they would know the difference.

This city could kill you with its charm, even though it is one of the ways I would be glad to die. Do not read too much into this, please, it has just been a long month and I am finally coming out of it, alone in the park, sneezing.