Rochester Institute of Technology, located outside Rochester, NY. Thought of mainly as an engineering school, RIT also offers excellent programs in business and art. The National Technical Institute for the Deaf is located at RIT.

There are lots of geeks and nerds at RIT. There are too few women at RIT. (7/3 M/F ratio)

RIT is affectionately known by some as Brick City. During the fall of 1998, RIT hosted the Brick City Blast, a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Henrietta campus.

RIT folklore

Various stories of questionable truth circulate on the RIT campus. As a freshman and sophomore living in the dorms I remember hearing them quite often. I will attempt to catalog and analyze various pieces of RIT folklore so that these stories are never forgotten.

According to RIT folklore, RIT is the 2nd largest brick structure in the world, after the Great Wall of China. The following facts are used in backing up this statement:

I have found no information to back this story up but I have also not found any information to invalidate this story. I highly doubt it is true, but you never know.

RIT E2 users include:

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