My friends and I recently began geocaching and it really is more fun than it sounded when I first heard of it. Maybe it's the techie-geek gadget-lover in me who likes the GPS device. Or maybe it's the simple residual childhood love of hunting down buried treasure. Arrrr! (Though, as mentioned above, caches aren't actually buried).

We've found caches full of junk, one or two interesting items including travel bugs, caches containing almost nothing, and unfortunately one cache we tried to find had been plundered and left for dead. If you're in it for the loot, you're in the wrong hobby.

The coolest cache we've found so far was one near Arches National Park in southern Utah. It was hidden a few yards away from a nice set of dinosaur footprints.

The great thing about geocaching is that it's a hobby you can adapt to your personal level of adventurousness. Suicidal rock-climber? There are caches just for you (and only you). Sixty-year-old retiree in plaid pants? Never fear, other like-minded people have established caches within your reach!