A geocache is a box containing a log book and some treasures or rewards. A geocacher will place the cache in an out-of-the way place, and get the coordinates using their GPS. They then post the coordinates on the Internet, at http://www.geocaching.com, along with other interesting background information on the stash.

Someone who wants to locate a cache will first to go the web site to find a cache to look for. Armed with coordinates, a map, and other clues from the web page, they will go hunting for the cache with their GPS. When they find it they will will write something in the log book telling about their visit. They can then also take one of the rewards from the box, as long as they add a new one of their own. This way visitors can add their personality to the geocache.

Some geocaches have other features. They might have a camera, or a foreign coin collection, or details on going to a second cache.

Geocaching is a fun way to use a GPS and an interesting way to see into people's personalities. It is also a good excuse to get out into the woods to go hiking.

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