In preparation for the Valentine's Day, I've made a sign to carry around - ingredients: pizza box, a stick, nails. <nodevertisement type="blatant">While I was at it, I've noded the soon-to-be event over there - if you want to know what good is a sign on the upcoming Monday, it's right there.</nodevertisement> Originally, I wanted to node it at Live Nude Lesbians to attract noder attention - but alas, the temperature here (around 0 °C/30 °F) rather precludes any sort of nudity and furthermore the number of lesbians participating is rather uncertain. Since I'm already procrastinating (I should be studying for a Wednesday history exam), I'm racking my brains and the outer reaches of e2 nodeshells for a suitable massage to give upon the sign - it's a bit difficult, given the size of the pizza box sign (30×30 cm, about 1 sq.ft.). It is yet to see what comes of the utterly pointless event, as Al Capone said (I wonder whether that had any correlation with the day and his emotional (im)balance?).