On Wednesday at the end of my Spanish class the professor announced that one of the girls in the class had committed suicide the previous night.

I only knew her through that class, and not well from there. We never spoke more than "What did she say the assignment was?" but I liked her. We all took lots of shit from the prof. in that class and while some of us would cower and whine when faced with the criticism she just sat there and took it without apology. I thought it was strange Wednesday that she wasn't there because she was supposed to do her oral presentation. The fact that she wasn't mentioned by one person in class yesterday makes me think we are just a bit dysfunctional. I know there are other people in the class who knew her better than I did.

The university hasn't officially confirmed that it was suicide; the email they sent out and the student newspaper said only that she fell down the stairwell. I suppose that from what I know it's possible it wasn't suicide but I tend to believe the rumors which say there was an eyewitness and that it was in fact suicide. If someone decided it needed to be kept under cover I wonder if it was the university or her parents. I had plenty of my own irrational thoughts as to the causes but they're not worthy of being shared here. Things like this always happen at the end of semesters.

I have a good friend who has attempted suicide several times. More than ever I hope for selfish reasons he never succeeds; death, and especially suicide, is too rude an awakening even to people who hardly know the person.