How to add more zest to your life:

Next time you want to use butter, use pesto instead. Spread it on bagels, toast, potatoes, wherever you would normally use butter. After several days of this practice, I must wholeheartedly recommend it. Why, you ask? It's simple:

  1. Pesto is tastier. It's just one of those foods that's filled with flavor and zing. It's like playing ska music in your car in the morning. Definitely a food with attitude.
  2. It's healthier (slightly). It has more fat than butter, but the difference is all unsaturated fat. Plus, it has some carbohydrates and protein that butter just doesn't provide. But who cares about that? Because...
  3. It's green. Come on, who wants to put some boring old butter on a piece of bread when you can put this awesome green stuff on it?
Pesto can be a bit expensive, so maybe this practice should be considered a delicacy. But keep in mind, sometimes happiness has no price.