Today we should be seeing some response in the subjects today,and if we're lucky everything will work out as planned.

Right now Steve is in the lab with them taking their vitals and swapping their drips. We were keeping them lightly sedated to keep 'em still, but stopped the dope feed over two hours ago. With luck, they'll start coming around before the shift ends in an hour.

Oops, here comes somebody, more later...

It was just the cleaning guy. He's cleared for the whole facility so I just let him in. Maybe he'll startle Steve.

If this "BB stuff" works, everybody will get phat paid. Even the Janitor has options, because the big boys want us all busting our asses to make it work. Having the key to near-eternal youth is a big enough boat to float everybody involved to easy street.

I better go get Steve, shift change is in 20, and we have to go through the checklist before Jim and Mike show up to relieve us.

HOLY SHIT! - I was just in the lab, and it's like a bad science-fiction movie in there! Steve and the Janitor are tied up and the subjects are doing something to them! I managed to close and bar the door, but I don't think it will hold them for long.

I managed to get the boss on the line and told him what was going on. I also tapped into the surveillance feed for the lab. Both Steve and the Janitor are walking around now, but they aren't trying to escape or anything. They're tearing the sheets up into strips and weaving them into rope. (They won't need much, the lab is on the third floor.)

Its as if they're all some kind of zombies or something, but they don't really act like it. They aren't staggering or anything, and are acting purposefully. It's as if they are under some kind of hypnotic trance.

I understand now. The BB's took over the subjects, and the subjects infected Steve and the Janitor. We actually created smart zombies. God help us all.

I have to get out of here, but if they get out there won't really be anyplace safe.

Well, I've got the fire axe and I found a can of pepper spray in Mary's bench drawer (I wonder what she was afraid of?) I'm going to make a break for it.