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1 On the third day, she rose   e2node
2 Dead chicks rock the house   e2node
3 A Zombie Story (in three parts)   e2node
4 High school can kill you   e2node
5 The alien zombies are coming. I can feel it in my bones.   e2node
6 The zombie revolution will not be televised. But it will be tweeted.   e2node
7 Cyberzombies   e2node
8 She loved me for my brains not my body. It's what zombies do.   e2node
9 The Jackal: Episode One: A Hero Has Risen, And She Demands Worker's Comp   e2node
10 Zombie Hamlet   e2node
11 purple_curtain is an undead brain-eating zombie   e2node
12 Tell me a story about being really undead (fiction) Glowing Fish writeup
13 Tell me a story about brains (fiction) Jet-Poop writeup
14 Necrotech (fiction) Rainey writeup
15 While the Angels Blindly Stared (fiction) fool4luv writeup
16 Forgetting (fiction) Lucy-S writeup
17 Bureau of Zombie Management (thing) mauler writeup
18 the dead had risen, and there was nobody to pump gas (person) anamnesis writeup