I look at the headlines and hope that America is finally waking up, that Lincoln was right in that "...you can't fool all of the people, all of the time." The news cattle have finally started to pick their heads up out of the trough full of the synthetic crap Bush and his ilk has been shoveling out. Hopefully, we will wake up in time.

Bush and co has been riding America like a cheap whore, and we’ve been taking it without a squeal. He has alienated our allies, driven us deeply into debt in a poorly-concealed effort to eliminate Social Security and other entitlement programs by beggaring the bureaucracy.

I was against the war from the very start, and suffered insult and questions about my patriotism. We have ostracized those that said from the beginning that this was just a great big snipe hunt, a ploy to richen his friends and avenge his father under the guise of “the war on terrorism”. Half the terrorists and whack-jobs in the world were trained and supplied by the US. Hussein was (is?) an evil quasi-human, but he was not involved in 9/11. Using that tragedy to fearmonger and justify war smacks of the Reichstag Fire and Operation Northwoods.

Bush has been lying to the public with every breath, a “good ol’ boy” who has skated through life on his connections, who was given anything he ever had of value and then pissed it away. Now he is doing it with this country.

But maybe people are waking up to the fact that Bush lied, and people died, and we have alienated an entire planet in the process. We need to vote this warmonger out of office.