A friend of mine used to have his hands covered with warts. They were not very annoying, but rather unsightly. When he'd decided he wanted them removed, he started by going to the doctor who treated his warts with liquid nitrogen. Because there were so many of them and you don't want to have your hands all covered in freezing burns, this was a painful and time consuming option. Also it wasn't very effective as the warts came back.

Someone then gave him the tip of using a homeopathic over-the-counter treatment based on thuya. Lo and behold, this worked, after a few weeks the warts were all gone and they have stayed away since then.

The thuya is a conifer, also called 'tree of life' according to the homeopathics, and it's supposed to be good for children who easily develop emotional symptoms and who are not very stable. Such children often feel like they're being watched, which makes them suspicious and can give them the feeling they're worthless. Adults, too, can suffer from this. Thuya helps these people, who suffer from such symptoms because they are not fully incarnated, to be grounded on this world.

Apparently it works against warts too, although the connection between incarnation and warts is not quite clear to me. Anyway, if you're having a persistent wart problem, thuya might work for you.

Update 2006
Since writing the above, I have now tried thuya myself. It does work, but application is somewhat awkward.

The medicine I bought is a tincture of thuya in alcohol. It comes in a small glass bottle with an opening that is supposed to produce drops, like an eye drops bottle. The label says: Apply to wart twice daily and let dry. That sounds simple, doesn't it? Except it isn't.

The bottle doesn't produce drops when you just hold it upside down, you have to shake it a bit. The tincture itself is as fluid as water. Now I don't know about you, but most of my body parts aren't level. So even if you do manage to get a drop of tincture to land on your wart, most of it immediately flows away and down your hand, arm, shoulder, wherever. In the end I took to soaking the end of a q-tip in the tincture and wetting the wart with that. That worked. And yes, the wart did disappear after a week or two.