I was alone, out in public and all I could think was “I need to go to church” but I didn’t know what time it was. I saw the church I used to go to a long time ago, until the youth pastor left. I saw the head pastor’s wife at the door but the church looked different and people were leaving and others were going in. I asked if I had missed the second service. She said yes but they have a new service starting in three minutes. She said “You saw the onion on the side of the box didn’t you?” I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me to go on in but this service was new and different. I said okay and went to look for a seat.

The church didn’t look like a church at all, more like the combination of a barn, a theater, and a church. I found a pew that had a just one woman sitting on it, on the opposite end. I sat down. The bench was a normal distance from the row in front of us but very far from the bench behind us. She scooted the bench with her feet until we were a normal distance from the bench behind us and the large empty space was in front of her. I felt very nervous and uncomfortable. She was talking to me, and scooted real close to me. The service seems to have started and I tried to pay attention but this woman was trying to have a conversation with me.

Up before us on the stage was a set that looked like a barn with a balcony and on the balcony was a man singing the country song “There goes my life.” Below him was some people acting out the song. The woman kept jabbering on. Then a man who could easily be described as a redneck came up and started talking to us and wanted to sit down so the woman grabbed my arm and pulled me down just enough for the man to sit on the other side of me. I felt very out of place and frightened. Both people were sitting very close to me and people throughout the room were coming and going and talking as if we weren’t in church and there wasn’t a performance going on.

Suddenly the man grabs my arm and swings me up and over around his head like I weighed almost nothing. Everyone that noticed didn’t seem to think this was at all out of the ordinary. I tried to scream but nothing came out, which I then felt relief because one shouldn’t scream in church. Then again, one should be spun in the air by some strange man either. He sat me down and I rubbed my arm and then he picked me up and swung me around higher and faster and as he did I heard him tell the woman sitting behind us with her well behaved children something along the lines of “I didn’t mean to shock the poor girl”.

When I was coming in I had run into a cop which I knew. At the time I thought he was the cop that was stationed at my high school but looking back I realized he was the officer from that show 7th Heaven. Now he was on the stage singing with the man singing “There goes my life”.

I woke up to the very end of the song that was sung in my dream feeling confused and needing to get this written.