Well you know every time
I look at that expression printed on the page
I think I hear you
Whispering the magic and the compliments I need so badly
So baby come on, oh, so baby come on, ooh ooh

I sit here looking at the logs I've printed of our conversations.  All those long nights when you kept me company through mIRC.  What a nice little program that is.  Without it we'd probably never have met.   You set up a room so we could chat just the few of us without all those silly rules of the room we met in.  I printed my logs this morning because I needed to be able to see those compliments and all the happy times and laughter we shared when I don't have access to my computer, and to you.  I miss you terribly while I'm here, away from home.  I don't like hospitals and I don't like the way the medicines make me feel but I know I have to take them.  I know that in the "big picture" me going to the hospital is important, or at least I'm trying to believe you. 

Now I've been running circles around the notion
That you'll find me baby
One day maybe
But all the psychic powers of suggestion
I've been sending your way
So can't you hear me say?

I don't like to outright ask you to contact me.  I feel like I ask too much of you as it is.  We've never met in person but there have been so many long phone calls, web cams, and chatting through IRC and the instant messengers that I feel so close to you.  You call me your little sister and that always makes me feel a bit better.  You call me "kiddo" and tell me you love me.  I miss you when your away.  I've only known you a few months yet it feels like you've always been a part of my life.  You are family to me now.  You understand my hints that I need to hear your voice.  You comfort me when I'm upset, and tell me what I did wrong when I need to be told.  You also tell me what I do right though, which is something I just am not used to.  You can make me laugh and cry at the same time.  I need you in my life, I would be so lost without you.  I hope you hear my silent pleas for you to never leave me. 

All around me I want you, all around me I need you
I want your arms all around me
I want your face, yeah, all around me
I want your perfume all around me
I like the way you move and do the funky groove

I wish we could meet in real life, face to face. I want to hug you, hold you close and cry into your shoulder. I wish you were closer.  We're so far geographically, yet emotionally I'm closer to you than anyone else in my life.  I'm closer to you than I have ever been to anyone.  I want you and need you to always be in my life.  I feel like something is missing on days we don't get to talk much.  I love it when we turn on the webcams and I get to see you as we chat.  I love it when you call me just to call me.  I miss you when you sleep.  I think about you when I'm out and about town.  I introduced you to everything2 and love it when we help each other node.  I hurt when you hurt.  I smile when I make you laugh.  I love everything about you.  I feel like I'm part of your family even though I am on the other side of the country and never even have been in the same time zone as you and yours. 

Like a cold chardonnay chilled for a day
Your smooth and crisp and on display
Like Cartier, Armani, like TAG, Gucci, Versace
In the middle of the night your a kiss so long
You're the only good thing when all is wrong

Your so cool, fun, entertaining, funny, loving, caring, helpful, I could go on for hours about how great you are.  You are a blessing.  You get me through the bad times and together we enjoy the good times.  I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  I feel rich when I'm talking to you no matter what my bank account says.  No one else can make me laugh like you.  No one else can bring me to tears as fast either, both happy and sad.  I often thank the higher power for blessing me with you.  I use every chance I get to brag about you to anyone who will listen.  I'm truly proud to call you my sibling, my friend, my angel

You're a magic time reversal clock
You're the fries on the side with a cherry on top
You're sleek, velvet, gold lame
Patent leather, enchante
You're a legend, you're a glamour queen
God I'm running out of words but you know what I mean

When I'm chatting with you all those years of loneliness just seem to disappear.  You are more than just my friend, you are the sugar in the cake.  You are that almost perfect diamond in the rough.  You are the sugar and spice and everything nice. I could go on for hours but all I am trying to say is that your the most wonderful, incredible, amazing, greatest, best friend, sibling, teacher, and student all rolled into one great package.  I just cannot even remember what it was like before you came into my life.  I think I dreamed you into life.  I love you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Well chop chop darling, au revior
Pick your things up, your a star
Oh yes, yes you are darling
That's right.

CST Approved

"All Around Me" appeared on the Australian version of Savage Garden's first album.
The song was written by Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones. 
Lyrics used within fair use