This, barring any deletion of my rare non-day-log entries will entitle me to level 2 on E2 and I'll thus be able to vote on other things I read here. What's the occasion? Well, I could talk about the new house I'm in, or the $500 check I'll be getting from Wizards of the Coast for the 1k Dreamblade tournament I won, but the fact is I've been in this house a few days, and I won the money a couple weeks ago.

The reality is that I'm a little cold, and I don't have some little one player game I want to play, and there doesn't seem to be anyone around to talk to. Those are the things that usually take up my time.

I was just thinking about the last new person I showed E2 to. She complained it was a very slow site. Money money. It's a shame that even if it doesn't exactly make the world go 'round, it does do a lot. I wonder if credit card swipers will be standard on computers some day. It's funny to think of sites charging less than a penny for something too. Although I guess you could just multiply the service up until you reached a penny. Like if they wanted to charge you one hundredth of a penny for a minute on a website they could just wait until you spent 100 minutes there. Perhaps what I meant was obvious, but I feel more like quantity than quality in my writing right now.

It was out of bordem, simply put, that I checked E2 this morning. I soon realized I wanted to look up Dreamblade. The wikipedia has probably surpassed E2 in terms of usefulness, but I've never been entertained by anything I read there, really. Reminds me of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy vs the Pan-Galactic Encyclopedia.

I feel almost obligated to try to entertain myself. Not now, so much as in the future. When I look back in October of 2006 am I going to be amused?

Maybe I should talk about tasting your own come. I really do think that sex gets an undeserved bad rap. It's been a while since I played the "what if game", as my fine married friend coined it last night, he says his wife is fond of playing. It had started when I asked a different friend of mine a couple days ago if he would taste his own come if it meant 100 blowjobs. After clarifying that it wasn't like 100 blowjobs from some crack whore (just in general, from average women) he said he would. Then I pointed out that I had tasted my own come, and I'm sure I've had 100 more blowjobs than him.

It was just nice to take the "what if game" and put it in the context of reality. I've always enjoyed dealing with women who were disgusted by the idea of a man tasting his own come, and then to describe a context where it becomes rude NOT to (you come in a woman's mouth and she wants to kiss you). Now my other friend who turned down the 100 blowjobs claims that it is not at all rude to refuse kissing until the girl has at least had a glass of water, when you wouldn't expect them to kiss you you after you went down on them. Which to me just begs the question why are we so disgusted with our own bodily fuilds, but the fluids of the opposite sex are just fine...

Perhaps I am really the unreasonable one, for wanting things to be logical all the time. Or perhaps there are even flaws in my own logic. As long as I make you think, I'm happy.

And now it's time to vote...