So now that I've returned from my month-long sojurn into How To Build a Bookstore I'm slowly returning to normalcy. I've hopped on E2 a couple times now, each time to be greeted by the message "You gained experience." Huh. Sometime in the last month, some number went up (not that I don't appreciate the sentiment) and I gained experience. How weird.

I did a couple things in the last month.

  • I watched the inner workings of an escalator as it was built.
  • I got to see how close you could get to max 3000 lbs in an elevator before things start to go alarmingly haywire.
  • I got to climb through a secret catwalk into an apartment building. Heh.
  • I got to see closely why safety glass is better than regular glass.
  • I ate Ethiopian food with my fingers.
  • I ate caviar not with my fingers.
  • I spent an amazing day running around a planetarium, and then, in the indian summer afternoon, I watched a kite catch wind, then crash into Lake Michigan.
  • I spent a month in downtown Chicago sans car and computer, and survived.
  • I met 60 people who classify as human beings, rather than simply people.
  • Of that sixty, I met at least 10 that I could now call "friend".

That is experience gained.

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