I come to you full of old wounds, baggage, a lifetime of doubt, fear. I come to you broken, a sobbing heap of worry, of past sins always creeping to thwart my joy.

Will you take me into you heart, into your life and never turn me away permanently?

Will you walk with me, allow me to stand beside you so that my strength may show itself and we would both be surprised?

Will you say that I'm the one you want? Even though I want the same, I am hard pressed to grant you this request, that you will want for a better choice.

From this seemingly rickety union, will strength come from the unlikeliest of places, from the weakest link, that together we are found as complete as broken people can be?

For how can two puzzle pieces fit if they are all straight angles? How else can grooved pieces snap together if there are no tabs and slots, if there wasn't a need in all of us to be made whole, in the minor ways, under God?

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