My cat threw up all over my bedroom floor this morning. Light beige carpet, now spotted with Friskies-colored stains.

I don't think she's sick. I think she was just protesting for me leaving her locked up in my room all morning. The landlord was supposed to come over to fix the clogged shower drain (of course, he didn't show) and we're not supposed to have a cat, so we had to hide her.

That'll show me not to lock her up anymore.

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My boyfriend called me in to his computer today to thank me for the CD of porn I had unknowingly given him. My ex-boyfriend had left me with a box of CDs with warezed stuff on them, so I passed them along. One of the CDs was apparently a nicely organized html catalog of porn.

After glancing at the porn I realized that one of the girls was my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. The one I was insanely jealous of, of course.

He never mentioned that she did porn ... I wonder why ...